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More Faux Opals- The Australian Opals Jun. 30 2012
Preserving Memories With Silhouettes May. 10 2012
Fused with pottery tiles from vacation Apr. 7 2012
Decorating the Poker Table Apr. 6 2012
Creating A Faux Glass Rake With Powder Apr. 4 2012
Rubber stamps & Colorobbia Liquid Metal Apr. 4 2012
Faux Opal Easter Pin
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 22 2012
Sand in a Bottle Pendant
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 22 2012
Handcut Shapes with Screen Melt Glass
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 14 2012
Making A Frit Bowl With Your Scrap Dec. 9 2011
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joined:Sep 16, 2011
location:El Cajon, CA US
display name:GiddyUpCowgirl
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