A Stained Glass Look With No Borders

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I saw a free stained glas pattern in the Delphi newsletter I just loved. At first, I wanted to make it into a dish, but I knew I would not be able to eat on it if I made it in stained glass fashion.

      My husband and I decided to cut all the pattern pieces by hand ( thinking about it later, I would have used my Delphi Taurus 3 glass saw). We sandwiched all the fusible pieces between two sheets of trasparent 96 coe glass. In the end, I didn't have the heart to slump it into it's mold.

      I made a channel on each side with fiber paper foam, and transparent glass, to hang it with. (Sicne then i have learned to double the channels for the wire loop) There were some bubbles due to our handcutting & gaps, so the second fusing got rid of some of those ,while I made the transparent channels to hang it with. As i'm a beginner, next time I would leave the extra sheet of glas off of the top. I still haven't mastered increasing my hold time during the second ramp up phase of firing.

    Using 26 lb. cable wire, we can now hang it in the small window of our closet or shed showroom. The last photo is another wall hanging my husband made of a samauri.

Sincerely, Michelle

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