Rubber stamps & Colorobbia Liquid Metal

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      I like to collect different rubber stamps when I travel, but my favorite ones have become the transparent rubber stamps that you can affix to the transparent acrylic bock. By using Colorobbia liquid gold and platinum from Delphi for fused glass, I can create a beautiful momento from a trip, or create jewelery. 

     It doesn't take much Colorobbia liquid at all, and you do not actually want too much on your stamp. I use a dropper on a piece of plastic and dab the stamp in it several times getting a good coating on all the detail but not so much that it is saturated and messy. From here you cut your tranparent, opaque, iridized or even dichroic glass and stamp away. I also use etching acid on the stamps and use it on smooth dichroic glass. You can either let it dry and cap the glass, or leave it uncapped, which I think is the prettiest. The transparent stamps make it very easy to center the stamp on the glass. 

   One of my favorite pieces is a red keychain I have. It's a large rolled thrumbprint of mine, on iridized glass. My husband and I even placed a piece of my hair between the red iridized and transparent glass. The organic material created a gas bubble, but you can still see a thin line where the hair was. He always teases me.  "This way I can clone you." Not sure why he would do that, but I am sure you will have a blast experimenting with this technique.

   Sincerely, Michelle