Decorating the Poker Table

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My husband's father has been playing poker with the same group for over twenty years, one "Thursday" out of the month. It has become quite the production, with everyone making thier favorite dishes. Some of the folks even have thier own "poker rooms", with different themes! I thought it would be so fun to make glass poker chips, and decorations for their poker table. I did get a little crazy, making a stand up table marker, key chains for all the players, and even a pit boss ring for the lady of the house. The center of the poker chips were made with red dichroic glass from the Uroboros Magic Box. The "T" was made with Armor Etch Cream. The accents on the edges of the poker chips was made with the Glassline Pen Set and Colorrobia liquid gold. A few of my keychain centers did not come out like I envisioned, so I sawed them out, and fused them together, to make the pit boss ring. This was one of my earlier projects, and since the,n I have learned to be alot more patient, taking the time to do multiple firings, to avoid those bubbles. I really enjoy figuring out how to make stand-ups in glass, and have even tried making a desk-top aquarium. People really enjoy themed presents and everyone can identify with glass. I hope you have fun surprising someone with themed glass goddies, for their party or get together too! 

Sincerely, Michelle     

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