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Here is an original piece of mine that I just finished, done entirely in Uroboros glass. Moon flowers are a longtime favorite of mine with their beautiful blooms and rich, sweet fragrance, and last year I grew the best vines yet, so I photographed them and used the blown up photo I liked best as my pattern. While this panel is small, measuring 11 x 16 inches, the flowers and leaves are done to life size. This panel is a bit more unique than my usual work, as to get the right depth, color and shading of the flowers, I used Uroboros drapery glass, most of which is 1/2 inch plus thick. I framed the piece using a nice antique quarter sawn oak frame. Panel is done in copper foil with a copper patina.

Art Glass Festival 2014 entry


Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Thank you Elzi, for the nice compliments. I spent just over 2 months building this window, with the goal of making it as realistic as possible. I too like the balance of various greens and white, with a touch of reddish brown with the vines, in person the window is very striking. My biggest challenge was getting the flower petals to look correct and have the proper shading, which is why I went with the drapery glass to make those. The glass is actually very pure white, but it is so thick that it makes it's own shading in places when light passes through it, so I used that natural shading while cutting and placing pieces in order to get the result of flowers that look as close as possible to the real moon flowers. Michael.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014
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This work is amazing. Flowers look like real and this nice balance of green and white. Great!