Arianna Waits: A Whimsical Mermaid


Stained Glass Panel, 30" x 20", 400 pieces, cooper foil construction, brass frame.

Inspired by an original drawing by award-winning Hampton's artist Peter Beston.

Arianna is one of my favorite panels. During her creation, she became very real to me … almost a friend. Her fiery long flowing tresses have golden highlights that shimmer and blow in the sea breeze while she awaits her long lost lover.

Art glass was perfect for the rocks while different shades of water glass give a very moving effect from afar. The fish at the bottom of the panel added a perfect whimsical touch.


Picture 1: Professional

Picture 2: At my solo East End Arts exhibit at the Rosalie Dimon Gallery.

Picture 3: Arianna under construction.

Picture 4: Arianna in the window.

Picture 5: Arianna on the window sill.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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