Crazy Blue Heron on a Bog Log

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I like to create birds and this guy has lots going on.  First of all, I obtained a bog log in the Outer Banks of NC, dried it out and refinished it with a nice dark stain and a sealer.  The bird I sketched looking at one of my bird bibles, Birds of North America.  His wing is an agate slab, other glass is hand cut and his crest, eye, beak and front feathers are fused and then incorporated with foil and solder into the piece.  His legs are made out of plumbers copper tubing and I adhered them with lots of copper wire and reinforced copper to the back of the heron.  I drilled holes into the log to place him and then used wood glue and hot glue to seat him in place.

Helpful hint for future birds I make:  I sold him and had to ship from Ohio to Minnesota.  The box was huge and many pricing options had to be reviewed until the buyer and I could actually afford to ship it.  The next bird I make will be left unglued prior to selling and I'll include the glue as part of the package.

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