floor lamp SUN OF MEXICO


The product is a work of authorship. The design of this elegant floor lamp  reminds the national Mexican hat (sombrero). Originality of this product consists that it has two faces – two lampshades. Each of them consists of 111 convex squares located in a geometrical order. Plafonds are fixed on a rack from stainless steel by decorative glass caps.

Thanks to special temperature conditions during melting, it was succeeded to reach in the glass elements effect of frozen in amber dew drops. You can deploy a floor lamp in the other direction and enjoy a different texture and design lampshades. The design of plafonds is executed in shades of green color using frit baked into the glass.

The base of the floor lamp is covered with a thick 3/8 inch textured canopy of different shades of green frit and is highlighted from within.

In spite of the fact that beauty of a floor lamp is emphasized by evening of days, it can perfectly add your interior as a stylish design element in the daytime.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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