"Steady", Contemporary Stained Glass Panel with Blue Agate Geode

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Handmade copper foil/stained glass panel with 190+ pieces and a blue agate geode. The clear transparent texturized glass provides an absolute sense of flow and motion around the vibrant mineral inclusion. The rounded lead came and copper foil were chemically treated to achieve a vintage touch. "Steady" has a genuine black wood frame with a blue fillet that pairs with the design. The piece has American glass and a Brazilian agate. The design, assembly and framing were done at SoCal.


Every culture has its own beliefs about minerals depending on their history, location and spiritual practices. But what it is impossible to deny is the fascination to admire their crystalline growth and array. Blue lace agates are gentle and calming stones that engender tranquility and grace. They are also considered a stone of communication.


"Steady" represents a clear and transparent message of hope.

Material used:
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