'Jamaica me crazy'

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This is a 3 d glass of my life as a young girl growing up in jamaica

The blue mountain! Where the famous 'blue mountain ' coffee grows.

The sunshine

The national bird 'DrBird' of the humming bird family.

Three ladies coming down the hill to sell their produce all laughing and singing

A little boy with th with his hoop and stick

Banana tree , one lady carrying sugar cane to sell in the market,,

while the other is holding long bunches or strands of citrus all braided together for sale,,


Girl in my school uniform and leather satchel from St. Andrews high school swinging along singing , one can almost hear them all , so happy to go try sell in the markets

Beads from necklaces long ago taken care of for 50+years

Citrus trees and exotic flowers from Hope gardens in Kingstown 

A true reminder of 'dem happy childhood days being bought up pon de island' 


Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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