Stained Glass Panel "Samadhi"

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This piece I call “Samadhi” as the colors haunted me for weeks in all of my still moments. The shapes are reminiscent of a Yantra which in Tantric Yoga is a mystical geometric pattern of elegance and beauty that symbolizes the creative forces of the Universe. In cultures throughout the world Yantras are used to quiet a restless mind and assist the viewer in reaching deep states of Inner Knowledge and Peace.

This quality piece is made in the Tiffany style of using copper foil to wrap each piece and then carefully soldering and finishing with a black patina. It is comprised of beveled glass, a variety of textured cathedral glass in steel blue, clear and copper blue, opalescent glass, vintage faceted glass jewels in teal and clear multi-faceted square jewels. Each piece is hand cut and machine ground for a flawless fit, framed in zinc came for stability and polished to a beautiful luster. Sure to be enjoyed for generations. Heavy duty chain is included for hanging in that special window.

Measures 17 3/4" x 17 3/4"

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry