Dream Catcher/ Sun Catcher in rainbow glass

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I made this dream catcher for my daughter's 8th birthday, she helped design and make the feathers (Cardinal and Blue Jay.)  My husband is part Native American so I thought of this when our daughter stared having horrible nightmares.  The over all design is a traditional spider web pattern with an open center, set series of cobalt blue arcs approx 9" in dia.  I left the edge uneven to mimic the rough hewn willow branches that would normally have been used and give a place to hang additional adornments.  It's a series of 96 COE transparent noodles in rainbow hues cut on an angle and held by small slice of noodle at each join over a set of spokes made from clear noodles.  I added a small white bead to mark her baptism, and once assembled fired it on a full fuse.  The feathers are made with hi fire wire and frit with stringer accents then held on by silk thread covered by glass beads.  Since we’ve hung this in her window she sleeps more soundly and now her brother has been begging for one -- in his favorite team’s colors.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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