Golden Man

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This 12" high, 19 pound, cast glass sculpture is made from leftover Spectrum 96 clear glass highlighted with Uroborous amber glass powder.  First the figure was sculpted in water-based clay and before the clay dried I mixed up an R&R 910 investment and splashed it on the figure.  I used a little food coloring on each spashed layer to ensure coverage up to about an inch all around the figure.  The last layer was made by dipping pieces of fiberglass fabric squares in investment and pasting them over the whole structure.  Immediately, I used a piece of clear glass and pressed down on the top of the sculpture to level the surface.  Used a level to make sure the leveling actually happened.  After the investment dried, I carefully dug out all the clay, waited several days to dry the mold more, fired the mold to 100 degrees above the highest temperature, cooled the mold and then figured out how much melted glass it would take to fill the mold.  This mold was fired upside down in the kiln for almost 3 weeks.....very, very slowly.  I waited 4 days to remove the mold and spent 3 days polishing.  I want to do more sculptures but they do tie up the kiln.  The kiln is a Paragron Janus 27.  

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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