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This seascape features hot glass sculpted sea flowers and flameworked fantasy sea snakes, sea horses, flying fish and other types of fish, standing dragons, standing coral branches, twisted sea weeds, other types of coral colonies, lollipops, glass crystal growths, hot glass threads, warm glass sculptural pieces,  glass cane colonies, ceramic mushroom colonies, vermiculite as sand, firewood, driftwood, rocks, sea shells, mother of pearl pieces, and 2 sets of battery lights buried in and among the sand and rock to represent fish net floats. The underlying base is made of Styrofoam sitting on plywood. The sea scape is encased in a special acrylic housing that is supported by a machined wood tray for easier lifting.


I used some techniques that I invented such as twisting and manipulating glass noodles into seaweed, hot glass flower stem as take off and landing platform for the flying fish, and boro glass tubing as resting platforms for flying fish. Many of my creatures are formed by twisting 2 or more colors of warm glass together. Another technique I have not seen anywhere that I invented is the crystal growths on the underwater black smoker. I am mostly self-taught in flameworking after taking a bead making class years ago with Cindy Jenkins when I lived in Illinois, and with Beth Cox here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I have been experimenting with hot and warm glass since 2012. My first experience with glass began at the encouragement of Mr. Ed Hoy to try stained glass. From then on, I was hooked. I not only learned the craft but was also employed at a studio working in cold glass. My fascination with color and glass combine with the beauty of the U P to inspire me to constantly create.

Art Glass Festival 2020 entry


Friday, May 8, 2020
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