Round Stained Glass Window Panel..."Constellation"....Beveled Flower...

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Imagine if the planets of our galaxy revolved around a flower. Oh, what a wonderful world this would be!!!

Flowers and stained glass have been partners in art throughout history. This beautiful round panel features a beveled stylized flower medallion with amber-red glass jewels forming its center. The overall background for the piece is created using medium amber art glass in two different textures, adding a soft richness to the amber. Violet purple and lime green make up the surrounding geometric shapes, interspersed with clear and red-orange glass jewels. Square beveled glass jewels add sparkling features to round out the jewel-like quality of the constellation of planets when illuminated by the flower’s rays. Finished in a soft black patina.

Framed in zinc came for strength and durability.

Measures 18"

Comes with 2 feet of sturdy black chain for hanging in that special window.

Material used: