Dogs of the Sun Suncatcher Series

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Every year as the hunting season in Spain draws to a close in February, thousands of Galgos (Spanish Grehyounds) and Podencos (Ibizan Hounds) are discarded, killed, or abandoned.  Several Spanish rescues are tireless in their efforts to rescue and rehome these beautiful dogs as pets.  Others across the world help by adopting, fostering, transporting, donating, or sharing information.  Besides adopting four of these dogs I support several rescues with donations of money or items for auction and raffle fundraisers.  This series of five suncatchers was created when I was recovering from two knee replacements and couldn't stand to cut and grind glass.  Each features one or more hand-painted, sintered enamel galgos or podencos on clear glass, combined with glass nuggets, bevels, cast glass, or geometric glass pieces.  Each was donated to one of the rescues. 

Dogs of the Sun #1 is 9" wide and 10" long. #2 is 6" wide by 14" long and used 19 bevel glass diamonds.  #3 is an 8" x 8" piece with three cast glass sun dangles.  #4 is a 10" x 10" piece using four 2" x 8" peach bevel rectangles.  #5 is a 6" x 10" piece using 2" x 4" and 2" x 8" glue chip bevels.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2020 entry
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