"Letting Go of the Treasure"

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I purchased a grouping of pewter dragons in an auction and later found out the owner of the group had to sell them and most of his treasured belongings to afford to move to a smaller home because of health issues.I gave him this scope with one of his treasured dragons to honor his sacrifice and to tell him letting go can be hard but can also be a reward..less stress,less to take care of and more time to heal. <3. ( I have been there myself). The dragon is a PewterClassics pewter creation (Etsy)and the beautiful custom made marble is a Mike Grau original made especially for me.The glass veiwing body is Oceanside Opal Art.The internal viewing system is a three section front surface mirror system.The dragon and  the jewel thief are decoratively soldered in and around a variety of  polished rock, pyrite and peacock pyrite. This kaleidoscope  won in the 2021  Delphi Art Fesival in the specialties divison.!!! So very proud of that!