Round Stained Glass Window Panel…Mandala…”Rainbow Spiral”…

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We all know that special feeling of surprise in seeing a rainbow. It stops us in our tracks, filled with awe, at the simple beauty of it. It’s total magic! In many cultures around the World rainbows are symbols of Hope and Solidarity.

This exquisite “Rainbow Spiral” stained glass panel features, at its center, a beautiful 6” vintage Federal Glass ‘Petal Pattern’ plate. The spiral of the rainbow is created with handmade cathedral glass in a variety of textures and shades in red, orange, amber, green, blue and violet.

The selections for background glass are variations of clear textured art glass with four 1” clear square bevels adding just the right touch of sparkle. Finally, the border, consisting of segments of beveled glass, provide an ethereal naturalness and beauty. Hand polished and finished in a soft black patina.

Framed in zinc came for strength and durability.

Measures 20 1/8" diameter.