Well-deserved Tribute (Merecido Tributo)

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This 2´ 10 1/4´´ x 1 1/2´ x 6´´ piece combines the use of the fused glass, enameled glass, lampwork and stained glass techniques. It pays tribute to one of the greatest musicians of my country (Cuba), "Compay Segundo", who invented the armónico, a seven-stringed guitar-like instrument, filling the harmonic jump between the Spanish guitar and the tres. 

Somehow we wanted, with this piece, to portrait what the people could feel when listening to the Segundo´s performances.

It was done by my wife and me in 2018 for an exposition in Havana. To create this glass sculpture we used Spectrum fusible glass in the front and in the sides. The back was done using float glass. The base is out of steel.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry