Glass Op Art in Blue & Green

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I love to pull a fresh piece of glass out of the kiln that is based on understanding the effect of heat on the properties of the glass.  This piece is based on my experimentation using the techniques presented in Optic Topics by Judith Finn Conway & Kevin O'Toole.  The e-Books Optic Topics 1, 2, & 3 from Vitrum have totally captivated me, as have many of their other books.

I am a self-taught glass "artist" and I love learning from the experiences of others.  Glass Op Art in Blue & Green is made from COE 96 pre-cut 7 inch circle, clear glass, and stringers AND using the a technique developed from the books.  In one of the pictures, the piece is shown on a display stand that I made from wood on the scroll saw and painted in gold.

The unique flow of the glass is captivating! 

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry