Scenic Pendants

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I was looking for a unique pendant and found these scenic pendants as taught by Tanya Veit.  They take quite a few firings, 5-6, but the results are worth it!  I started the process by making up several cups of transparent and dichroic colors so I would have plenty for my creativity in setting the scene.  

With all my strips and wedges of glass in hand, I looked at the decal and visualized the scene.  I would make more than one scenic base so that I could pick the perfect one.  For example, I wanted the bear to be walking accross a branch above the forest floor.  The bases that did not work for a given decal are not lost... they make absolutley beautiful pendants without the decals!

I love to use the pinch bails for these pendants as they are able to slightly swing and show off the changing sheen of the pieces of dichroic glass.  The one challenge I have seen is the heaviness of the pendant and for the future I will cut down the weight further by using thin glass not only for the wedges but also for the pendant base.  Check out Tanya Veit's DVD for this wonderful, unique process.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry