Vibrant Lantern

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This was the first piece that I ever made. I didn't realize what I'd be getting myself into by designing a three-dimensional project with such precise angles, and looking back I would certainly have started with a flat piece had I known! The math involved in designing it might have been my first indication, but the real challenge began when I needed to stabilize the pieces at precisely the correct angle before tacking. However, I loved the result of this project so much that I fully intend to continue making these both for myself and to sell. It's about 2.5" tall and 3.5" wide. The top is connect to the hanging chains by loops so it can be raised up and down, and has a 3/4" exhaust hole. The bottom piece is 2" and easily fits a standard or LED tea light (the colors look best with natural flame or yellow/orange LED). There are solder beads on all 4 corners between top and bottom so there will always be a gap to allow air flow to the candle.