Garden Fairie

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I love to see stained glass used in the garden whenever possible. The “Botticelli Faerie” pattern is from “The Stained-Glass Garden” Projects and & Patterns by George W. Shannon and Pat Torlen. Using a fishing lure spinner to hang the faerie allows for 360 degrees of motion which is what this piece needs to show it off.

Materials used:

·       Bullseye, Spring Green, Deep Pink & Black on White Fracture-Streamer

·       Oceanside, Champagne Opal

·       Natural stone heart shaped cabochon

·       32 mm clear round jewel

·       5/64” U-channel lead came

·       1/8” U-channel lead came

·       16-gauge tinned copper wire

·       36-gauge medium weight tooling copper for leaves.

·       Fishing lure spinner.

Art Glass Festival 2022 entry