Gold finches coming home

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When making this piece I was testing a kiln for our glass fusion club.  I told them I would scrafice two pieces of 3mm glass on a full fuse firing.  Well, a huge two inch bubble formed near the center of the piece.  I lived with the glass for about a month and decided i could make a bird scene with this bubble eruption.   I painted three gold finch birds with glass enamels.  (The wings are a second layer of glass.)  I made a red birdhouse cutting strips of red and layed the top edge of each piece on the strip below.  The bird nest was made from pulled vitrograph.  I also used vitrograph in my leaves as well.  Since I could not find a stand to hold my piece, I went to my friend's home who is a metal artist.  She just gave me the metal and said. "Just tell me where to weld it."  So I did.  This was definately a situation where I made lemonade out of lemons. 

Art Glass Festival 2022 entry