Winter solstice

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At the time, I needed a big, meaty project to sink my teeth into.  I love horses, and when I saw this online, I knew it was THE ONE.  

This project was made by recreating the pattern "Winter Solstice", by Best Stained Glass Patterns, in Glasseye 2000, with some tweaks to suit my tastes.  Unframed, it is 45" x 28".  Carbon paper was used to trace the printed pattern onto the plywood substrate, which was sealed with a solution of approximately 1 part white glue / 4 parts water, then lightly scored to provide 'tooth' for the adhesive.  The approximately 640 glass pieces were adhered to the board using No Days adhesive sheets and a heat gun, which worked out very nicely for this project, then the whole thing grouted.  So I guess one could call this a non-traditional mosaic piece?  Commercially bought moulding was used for the frame, which was fabricated by my hubby (thanks, hubby, looks great!).


From start to finish (including recutting a whole section of sky that I was not completely happy with colorwise), this took about 9 months to create (some evenings, weekends) and was thoroughly enjoyable!

Art Glass Festival 2022 entry