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This mosaic piece measures 30" x 30", with a total of 1,096 pieces, and was made on and off over a period of about 18 months.  It was inspired by a coloring book photo that I found online.  The substrate is plywood sealed with a water/white glue mixture.  About half of the glass pieces were glued on using No Days adhesive sheets and a heat gun, and when I ran out of sheets, I contined by gluing each glass piece on with E6000.  Plain white glue would probably have been sufficient, but some of the sky pieces were quite large and somewhat textured underneath, so I thought a thicker glue would be the safer bet, and I simply stuck (pun not intended) with it to the end.

The snow"flakes" were easily cut with nippers and glued over top of all the grouted glass.  The lone earring (small and kind of hard to see in the first photo) is an actual small jade & gold post earring that I don't ever wear, so I cut the post off and glued the rest to her earlobe.  The moon is not glass but an actual polished stone that was purchased from a crystal shop many moons ago (ha ha).

The cherry wood frame was made by my husband, and stained brownish-black.  As an afterthought, I had him rout out some round & diamond shaped inserts on both outer sides of the frame, which I filled with glass in complimentary colors.  It's a subtle touch that finishes off the frame nicely.

Art Glass Festival 2023 entry