Mosaic Outdoor Cement - 10 Lbs

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Product Features

  • Easy to mix, easy to pour
  • No unwanted leftovers - mix just what you need
  • 10 lbs of cement mix, about 13 cups
  • Needs no reinforcement or sealant

Product Description

Super-Strong Formula for Durable Mosaic Projects
Use Jennifer's Outdoor Mosaic Cement for indirect (mold) projects. Create mosaic stepping stones, tables, benches, and much more. New and improved, super strong formula stands up to harsh weather for long-lasting projects. Easy-to-use cement results in a smooth, porcelain white finish. Each box contains 10 pounds of cement mix, or approximately 13 cups. 

Drying Time
 Allow cement to set-up in mold for a minimum of 5 hours for smaller molds, overnight for larger molds before turning out onto a smooth, solid surface. Place stone on several layers of newspaper. Peel off contact paper and clean off any smudged cement on glass with a wet sponge or a green scrubby. Continue drying for an additional 12 hours. Allow stone to fully cure indoors for 28 days before placing outdoors.

Garden stepping stones project created by Delphi customers and donated to charity at Delphi's Mosaic Magic Event.

How Much Cement Will I Need?
Use the stepping stone reference chart below provided by Diamond Tech Crafts to determine how much mosaic cement you will need. 

6" House Border Stone 5 Cups 12 fl. oz.
4" x 8" x 3" Door Stop 7 Cups 18 fl. oz.
8" Round 5 Cups 12 fl. oz.
8" Square 7 Cups 18 fl. oz.
8 1/2" Butterfly 9 Cups 22 fl. oz.
9" Heart 7 Cups 18 fl. oz.
12" Round 12 Cups 28 fl. oz.
12" Square 16 Cups 40 fl. oz.
12" Hexagon 12 Cups 28 fl. oz.
14" Round 16 Cups 40 fl. oz.
14" Heart 24 Cups 54 fl. oz.
2" Tree Ring (6 make a circle) 10 Cups 24 fl. oz.
16" Rectangle 10 Cups 24 fl. oz.
16" Triangle 8 Cups 20 fl. oz.
16" Square 27 Cups 68 fl. oz.
16" Hexagon 24 Cups 60 fl. oz.
18" Round 38 Cups 88 fl. oz.
18" Moonstone 27 Cups 68 fl. oz.
20" Address Stone 33 Cups 78 fl. oz.

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Holds up through winter
By on
Pros : Ideal for 14" round mold with no measuring Sets up fast Works as described
Cons :
Other Thoughts : I gave up making stepping stones for a bit because of durability issues with the stones (diamondcrete) 10 years ago. This stuff seems better and when coated after 30 days with concrete sealer, they have lasted so far through 2 winters without cracking.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Works fast!
By on
Pros : Easy to mix and pour into molds. You must follow the directions correctly or your glass will be covered by the concrete.
Cons : My fist stepping stone I made the mistake of taking the mold after it was filled and dropping it up and down to get rid of air bubbles. The concrete of course covered my glass.
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3 of 3 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
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Pros :
Cons :
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