Cerium Oxide - 1 Lb

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  • An affordable, versatile polishing media for glass and stone
  • Give our art a professionally polished finish
  • 1 lb package of cerium oxide

Product Description

Give your art a professional, perfectly polished finish. Cerium Oxide is a fantastic, optical all-purpose compound that will give you an optical quality finish on glass and stone.
To use cerium oxide, mix the compound with a bit of water to create an thin paste. Use a brush to apply a generous coating to your felt polishing pad (or leather pad for polishing stone) or mix cerium oxide and water in a spritz bottle and spray onto your polishing surface. A small amount of water should be used to keep your project cool while polishing, taking care not to use too much water which can wash away and waste your polishing compound.
Sold in a 1lb package.
Delphi Tip: Always wear safety glasses and a respirator when handling powders.