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Hot Shot 24" Clamshell Kiln With TAP Controller And Stand

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Product Features

  • Features touch screen TAP controller
  • Comes pre-programmed with 16 total pre-set programs and custom program storage
  • Firing chamber measures 24" square x 14" deep
  • Features cool touch technology!
  • 6-30P Plug type

Product Description

Features cool touch technology!
The Hot Shot clamshell kiln is the perfect kiln for any glass artist. Kiln features clam shell design providing easy access to load the 24" square by 14" deep firing chamber. Ideal for easy front access allowing you to move your project in and out of the kiln at ease as well as raking or other manipulation techniques. Comes equipped with a cordierite kiln shelf. Plus, huge bonus the floor is 100% removable so you could work on your projects at your workstation too! 

What does cool touch technology mean? It means the body of the kiln never reaches above 15 degrees ambient temperature allowing you more workspace around your kiln. This kiln only requires 3" surrounding it. It is built with a high-quality powder coating core construction with a fan cooled external powder coated enclosure. It features a dual layer air plenum for external heat management and precise temperature control.

The included TAP controller is a touch screen that comes with 16 total pre-set programs for glass; 8 programs for 90 COE and 8 programs for 96 COE, PLUS it stores 22 custom programs. Just select your program and fire with confidence! This is a dream kiln for beginners to professionals. 

Advanced Features

  • Solid State Relay: This kiln is equipped with a solid state relay. Solid state relays have a much longer life span than traditional manual/mechanical relays. They are also much more energy efficient. Relying on a semiconductor instead of the electromechanical relays means no clicking sound when running.  
  • Elements are encased in Quartz Tubes: No need to worry about elements flaking into your projects.
  • Programmable Alarm: Each unit comes standard with an integrated alarm that can be set to alert the user when a desired point or temperature is reached in the program.
Imagine what you could make with this kiln! Runs on standard 240v household current. 6-30P Plug type. 18 month manufacturer warranty.

Get to Know the TAP Controller
Get started the easy way with the user-friendly touch screen that is capable of holding virtually unlimited programs. TAP, by SDS Industries, is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller that utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the glass artist to immediately start programming and operating their kiln. Scott Shannon identified a significant disconnect between current technology and the consumer options available in the kiln control domain. The TAP Controller with its smart-phone like interface provides access to logging capabilities, unlimited number of schedule segments, on-the-fly schedule modifications, and even software updates.

Pre-Set Firing Programs for Beginners
It's simple to full fuse, slump, tack fuse and fire polish with pre-set firing programs. Whether you are fusing with 90 or 96 COE glass, the TAP controller makes it easy! Kiln includes 8 pre-set programs for each type of glass. 

More Options for Professionals!
Create and store virtually unlimited custom programs. Make one for every project, like drop rings, pattern bars, pot melts, enameling, painting and so much more. The controller grows with you as your skills advance. Its size and customizable firing options allows you to create simple to complex projects.

Fully Adjustable
In all modes you can adjust time, temperature and skip a firing step to go to the next segment. See Delphi's exclusive pre-programmed, fully customizable, easy-to-use TAP Controller in additional images.

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