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Mastercraft Lead-Free Solder - 1 Lb.
40 stars [15]
6 for $18.85 ea USD
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Large Soldering Mat
50 stars [8]
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item: 5545
Canfield DGS Solder - 1 Lb
40 stars [3]
6 for $31.45 ea USD
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item: M4093
Micro Thin Clear Glass - 0.8mm
Starting at $4.55
Wear your glass art creations! Soldered jewelry combines traditional glass soldering with collage art. Create you custom collage from favorite photos, clipart and more. Then, press between pre-cut micro-thin Memory Glass, foil and solder for fast and easy wearable art.

Delphi Tip: For more creative and quick projects see our entire line of Collage Art Jewelry Supplies.

Play it Safe: Always use lead-free solder with jewelry projects or anything that will be worn or handled often.