Mastercraft Lead-Free Solder - 1/4 Lb

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Product Features

  • Lead-Free - Ideal to use when making jewelry or anything that will be in contact with skin
  • Convenient 1/4 lb spool
  • Updated formula for improved ease of flow and a shinier finish

Product Description

Lead-free solder is a wonderful solution for stained glass items that will be handled often. It's particularly good for kaleidoscopes, three dimensional projects and jewelry. Lead-free solder has a higher melting temperature, which may require a higher temperature tip or rheostat, depending on your iron. A separate soldering iron tip is recommended to keep your project lead free. Sold in 1/4 pound spools.

Improved formula allows for easier flow when soldering. Also provides a better shine when polished.

Delphi Tip: Lead-Free Solder should be used when making projects where your skin comes in contact with it, such as jewelry, boxes and kaleidoscopes.

Soldered jewelry shown made by artist Shannon Jones. Group image of soldered jewelry from "Simply Soldered" book #6648.

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   Lead free
By on
Pros : Nice to be lead free for jewelry
Cons : Needs a gel flux and controllable heat, LOW shine looks like aluminum instead of silver.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   DSG Lead free solder review
By on
Pros : Easy to use, superior control of decorative solder, better after shine on silver, does not easily tarnish (unlike lead - can leave it covered in flux and in a humid workshop for days w/o change- can then pick right up and finish decorative solder, takes copper patina as if I were soldering with pure copper. Lead free.
Cons : Would love to see the price come down and the availability go up.
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