1" x 3" Micro Thin Glass - 24 Pack

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  • 1" x 3" Pre-cut micro-thin glass features smooth edges
  • Fantastic clarity ensures no distortion to your images
  • Precision cut uniform shapes make layering easy
  • Easy to cut to custom sizes
  • Pack of 24 pieces

Product Description

Create unique soldered art accessories, keepsakes and more by layering photos, fabrics and more between micro thin glass. High quality soda-lime glass features precise 90° corners with ground edges. 1" x 3" size can easily be cut for custom shapes.

Create decor and Cowgirl bracelet projects from "Simply Soldered" book #6648. Monogram pendant from "Simple Soldered Jewelry & Accessories" book #6704. Bouquet charm by artist Kayleigh Clark.