Van Gogh Glass

$13.95 USD
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item: 5542
item: 5541
item: VG360
item: VGSI0
Van Gogh Silver
50 stars [6]
item: VG500
Van Gogh Violet
50 stars [1]
item: VG300
Van Gogh Blue
50 stars [3]
item: VG710
item: VG189
item: VG610F
item: V6145
Van Gogh Sample Set
30 stars [4]
item: VG810
item: VG780
item: VG89SI
item: VG790
item: VG200
Van Gogh Bronze
50 stars [1]
item: VG900
Van Gogh Gold
50 stars [1]
item: VGS
item: VG180
item: VGEM
item: VG590
item: VG450
item: VG7CH
item: VG910
item: VG690
item: VG800
Van Gogh Copper
30 stars [3]
item: VG890
item: VG560
item: VG230
item: VG610
item: VG790R
item: VG590R
item: VG710F
item: VG710R
item: VG790F
item: VG810F
item: VG810R
item: VG910F
item: VG910R
item: VG610R
item: VG690F
item: VG590F
item: VG690R
item: VG580
item: VG460
item: VG700
item: VG100
Van Gogh Green
item: VG350
item: VGCHSI
Create beautiful stained glass mosaics using art glass that you can cut to create your own unique mosaic designs. Delphi Glass artists recommend this fabulous selection of art glass for exceptional results in any mosaic project.

Delphi Tip: All art glass can be used in mosaics. To see all our glass including more opaque and mirrored glass choices, please see our Stained Glass category.