Wissmach Carmine Coral Transparent Streaky

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sheet 32" x 42" $54.85

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Product Features

  • Good for Stained Glass Projects
  • Consistent Pattern and Texture
  • Smooth glass is easy to cut

Product Description

Celebrate the Beauty and Heritage of Wissmach Glass
The Paul Wissmach Glass Company has been producing gorgeous, easy-cutting, machine-rolled glass since 1904, featuring rich streakies, wispies and cathedrals. Wissmach achieves the texture by rolling glass on a steel table, a practice that gives the glass a high level of obscurity without creating an overbearing texture. Streaky glass layers swirls of color on a crystal clear base for stunning visual movement.

Wissmach glass often has rounded corners as shown in additional images. Glass pieces may include factory rolled edges.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.