How Can Animal Art Support a Cause?


August 26th might just be another Dog Day of Summer for some people, but here at Delphi we are looking forward to this day. Why you ask....well because it is National Dog Day. This year we have decided to do something special to celebrate not just dogs, but all our favorite furry, feathered and scaly friends.

For the remainder of August, we're putting our favorite pet inspired glass art supplies on sale. Delphi will be donating 5% of the proceeds on all sale items to the Humane Society to help pets in need. We encourage everyone who loves animals or just loves using them as inspiration for their art to join us in supporting a good cause, now through August 31st.

Here are some of our favorite supplies:

In previous years, we've hosted The Animal Creations Contest to shine a spotlight on fantastic projects depicting the creatures large and small that steal our hearts. The response has always been overwhelming. Pets are a favorite theme for art in general but turn out even more adorable when portrayed in glass. There's no question why we adore our beloved companions that bring comfort, joy and a touch of silliness to our lives.

Check out some of the amazing work submitted over the years. For even more inspiration and project ideas you can also click through our Animal Art Pinterest board.

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to support and good cause and encourage you to make an animal art project of your own. As always, we encourage you to share your work with us by uploading it to our Artist Gallery. The Delphi Artist Gallery is where we go to find artwork that we feature in our print catalogs and mailings as well as our Facebook page and Pinterest boards.

Main Image by Artist Susan W. from the Delphi Artist Gallery.

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Mike L.  •  August 17, 2013
The humane society is nothing but a political group. It does nothing for the animals. Look at the facts on this group. I suggest you look into giving any donations to a group that really supports the animals.
Karina Foster

Karina Foster

Karina Foster been at Delphi since 1998. She started in customer service and later transferred to the merchandising department where she currently works to create Delphi catalogs and marketing materials. She is also responsible for Delphi's e-Commerce program. In addition, Karina is a talented glass artist. She has always loved art in any form, and has a self-proclaimed "over-stuffed" home art studio to prove it.