Snow Globes: Not Just for Christmas Anymore


I love listening to the stories our customers share with us, especially during the holiday season. It seems this year there is a reoccurring theme. Snow globes. Water or snow globes are a huge decorating trend for holiday 2010.

I remember fondly my very first snow globe, given to me on Christmas Eve, 1961. Right after the Christmas Church pageant, I was awarded an Away in the Manager globe for remembering all my lines in the play. I also remember, with a smile, the last episode of the TV show St. Elsewhere when the autistic son, looked into his snow globe, shook it and the entire hospital came alive.

Did you know that water globes (The correct name, snow globes-came much later) have an interesting history? Water globes first appeared in the late 1800's in France and are believed to be derived from the concept of paperweights. The first water globe was a palm-sized glass globe featuring the Eiffel Tower as the center piece with a ceramic base. It was introduced to the public in the 1889 Paris Exposition and became a great souvenir item. Snow globes spread across Europe from France to Germany, Austria, Poland and then England. Figurines, clocks, dolls, medals and wedding flowers were made into snow domes. (TRIVIA: The original snow was crushed egg shells.)

When planning our 2010 holiday assortment of GLASS, we wanted to include water globes so you can create your own memory for many years to come. We have selected 5 of the most popular sizes, and listed are some ideas to jump start your creativity. (We have also included step by step instructions on our website to make the perfect globe).

1. New Baby, Wedding or Anniversary

2. Graduation or College Alumni

3. First or new home

4. Family Members

5. Your favorite pet

6. Passing of a loved one

7. Favorite Sport or pastime

8. Awards and Souvenirs

9. Favorite Keepsake or holiday decoration

As I look forward to home decorating themes for 2011, snow globes are being featured as accent pieces on tables, mantles, shelves and ledges. The globes are no longer just for the holidays.

The aquarium globe pictured was created by artists Val Oswalt and Julie Haan.

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