Spring Decorating Trends in Glass


1-2-3 Alphabet Soup

Make your style personal and creative. Use numbers and letters to personalize your home dcor. Various fonts, sizes, colors and unusual applications create striking results. Initials, monograms and words add depth and sometimes amusement to a bare wall or boring box, and will always require a second look.

Numbers are also popular. A house number, significant date, anniversary or just a favorite number (mine is 16) all add a personal touch to everyday projects. Todays numbers appear clean, fresh and new again. Combining new project ideas and vintage pieces, can be show stopping when displayed together. Whatever you create, youll be #1, and get an A for your efforts.

Drawer Pulls / Knobs

A quick and easy project that everyone can do. When added to a piece of furniture, drawer pulls instantly give a room personality. Initials or monograms are fun and creative and will be unexpected. Another quick idea is to add the knobs to a wood board and instantly you have a creative clothes rack. Letters like B-A-T-H or W-A-S-H will liven up bathrooms and laundry areas and create an unexpected second look!

Glass Magnetic Letters

A quick and fun project for the entire family. Perfect to leave messages, love notes, or word of the day. Glass tiles are an inexpensive way to communicate and a wonderful tool to teach little ones their letters. Download the free project guide for the glass tiles project here.

Wall Art

A project that can be easily created in a short amount of time. Bright and bold colors are great choices for 2011. Your favorite letter or number will instantly add personality to any room. Singles letters, numbers or even words are perfect choices. Try E-A-T as an art masterpiece for your kitchen.

House Numbers

Instant beauty with quick results. Complement your home and grab some new curb appeal! Channel your inner artist and, within a few hours, you will have new, colorful house numbers - your neighbors will be envious. Making these are so much fun, youll want to change colors, fonts or sizes for each season. Download the free project guide for the house numbers here.

Memory Box

A perfect heirloom to keep and treasure. We have everything you will need to make your box personal.

Grandparents Hint: Start early and create each of your grandchildren a lasting memory they will cherish and honor. Download the free project guide for the memory box here.

Looking for more great letters and numbers ideas? Learn how to repurpose your old glassware with etched monograms. You can also make straws or swizzle sticks to complete the set. Watch our video on making reusable glass straws.

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