Spring Color Trends for 2011


Global Overview of Colors


The spectrum of color for 2011-2012 is wide and diverse. These colors are rich saturated hues. They evoke a sense of intensity and culture. They are cheery and, in most cases, bright. Follow your own inspiration. Break a color rule or mix palettes. Remember, color is personal and can infuse vibrant emotion.


Brighter colors may lift our spirits during these uncertain economic times and create a sense of optimism for the future. The palette is bright but not radical.

With an eye turned towards revitalizing the economy, colors, like our thoughts about the future, are slightly more reserved, said Kate Smith of Sensational Color.


Color allows us to change our environment quickly, and most times, with little effort and little expense. Choosing a new wall color and adding lighting, hard or soft accessories (table top or pillows as examples) floor or window treatments can complement your style or personal taste. A pop of color will make traditional pieces within your home feel more unique and eclectic.

Global Blues and Greens:

The current colors, blue and greens (cool-wishful colors), will remain popular shades. Peacock blue and turquoise will jump to the top. These colors are clear and crisp with paired with white, grey-beige and navy blue. These colors can give a very updated/urban look or can be softened with textiles, and other softer substrates for a traditional feel. When grouped together in multiple shades, these cool colors add visual impact to a room. View on-trend projects from our artist gallery.

Global Orange:

Orange The color orange is a power color and when contrasted with opposites on the color wheel (cool blues/greens) it makes a bold statement. Splashes of orange can create more controversy than almost any other color. There is usually a very strong positive or negative association to orange; it also can elicit a hate it or love it reaction. Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy. Physically, orange stimulates activity, stimulates appetite and encourages socialization.

Global White:

The purest form of this neutral is untainted by undertones. The safest option will blend, contrast or homogenize with all colors. According to Kate Smith, todays white is sophisticated, clean, classic and modern all at the same time. It offers a fresh start with a focus on re-building and re-evaluating personal and professional growth, as well as encouraging self-sufficiency. While making the smallest space feel open, white acts as a resting place for the eye. Layering whites, using various textures will add more depth/intensity to a contrasting color.

Global Neutrals:

Neutrals are a key ingredient to mixing intense colors and optic white. The new neutrals are blends of multi-hues or one-word colors (Example, brownish-gray). Neutrals inspired by cement, stone or soil will provide a foundation on which to build color stories. Pair together weathered, aged or older natural woods to achieve serene elegance.

Color Palette Spring 2011 Cool Colors:

8 Main Colors (Subtle shades and various hues)

Peacock Blue: Its easy to live with, calming and friendly. Can have a slight grey tint, which will turn the blue into something more elegant.

Green Turquoise: Images of sea glass in a beach house. Its all about fresh air, and a fresh clean color. Great accent color in kitchens

Celadon Blue: Perfect when paired with black and white. Contrast with bright carrot, eggplant and brown.

Classic Navy: The mysterious color. Depending on the time of day and natural light, it can have a tint of grey, charcoal and even hints of plum. Perfect this season in high gloss.

White: True optic white. No undertone colors

Dusty Rose: A variation of pink with blue tints/undertones. Beginning of the new warm palette. Wonderfully paired with peacock blue, navy and celadon.

Pineapple: Bright and bold in sunlight, but slight grayish in more in room applications.

Mercury: A silver gray and taupe brown mixed. This is the color that can be used with any of the other colors and depending on the application; appear to be traditional or contemporary. Perfect with stainless steel, brushed nickel, or veined marble.

Source(s): Home Color Trends by Kate Smith and Kiki Titterud

Photos: Spring color fused dishes created by Artist Julie Haan. Suncatcher by Sue Hubbard from Sunseekers book. Bracelet designed by Lisa Liddy, Joolz by Lisa; Lampworking by Lezlie Belanger. From Art Bead Jewelry book.

For a complete listing of peacock blue project supplies, click here.

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