3/16" Handy Foiler

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Product Features

  • Automatically centers foil on your glass
  • Speeds up foiling and saves on hand fatigue
  • Compact size makes foiler easy to hold
  • Also available for 7/32" and 1/4" foil

Product Description

Save time and prevent hand fatigue when foiling!
You can quickly apply foil to cut glass pieces with this hand tool. Just feed foil into the slot in the handle and pull the foiler around the glass. Foil is automatically centered on the edge of the glass by the guides on the Hand Foiler. It speeds up a tedious job to save you time. Designed for 1/8" thick glass. Also available for 7/32" foil (Item #542732) and 1/4" foil (Item #542014).

Delphi Tip: You can mount your foiler to a table edge using a c-clamp for a hands-free foiling experience.