Yellow / Blue On Thin Clear - 90 COE

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4" square 4" x 4" $20.95 USD
1/4 sheet 8" x 8" $62.95
sheet 19" x 19" $214.95

Item# 90127
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Product Features

  • Thin glass is ideal for layered projects
  • CBS Dichroic coating adds brilliant metallic color to your art
  • Clear glass shows off both the transmitted and reflected color, adding depth to designs
  • Tested compatible - 90 COE

Product Description

Dynamic, alluring and almost magical, dichroic glass will add a new dimension to your next visual art project! Dichroic glass energizes, compels and captivates - it is an amazing material that adds color and intrigue to art glass. Dichroic creates a dazzling rainbow of colors that changes right before your eyes: just view it at different angles, backgrounds and lighting.

Available in 4" x 4" squares, quarter sheet, and full sheets. Quarter sheets measure about 8" x 8" and have a curved edge. Full sheet have a 19" diameter. See images below for examples of the different sizes. 90 COE.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.