Small Organic Controlled Drop Mold

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Product Features

  • The perfect shape for floral bowls
  • Durable ceramic mold can be fired again and again
  • Mold measures 6-1/4" diameter x 3-1/4" high with a 1-1/4" x 2" center drop
  • You control the results - create gentle curves or take the plunge with deep designs

Product Description

This versatile mold set gives you the freedom to form flowers with gentle curves or take the plunge with deep designs. You control the results by how you fire it. Make gallery quality sculptural flowers with this organic mold.

Durable ceramic molds can be used many times. Kiln wash before use. Mold measures 6-1/4" diameter x 3-1/4" high with a 1-1/4" x 2" center drop.

Project images courtesy of Creative Paradise. 

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