Fused with pottery tiles from vacation

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    During our last trip to Hawaii my husband set me up for a lampworking, silversmithing, and pottery lesson. All of the lessons were amazing! When I got to the pottery lesson, I got to shop and saw these adorable coasters. They were made from Clayworks At Kilohana on Kauai, where I got a lesson on the wheel, from a wonderful instructor named Susan. I thought it would be interesting to use four unfinished coasters I purchased to create a Hawaiian scene, and to see if I could  fuse glass over them.

    While I took my lesson on the wheel, I asked my husband to make me two tiles that would eventually be shipped home, with the pottery I made. I thought, if the thinner coasters don't break, the tiles would be excellent molds to slump or fuse on top of. 

    When I got home I took the coasters and coated them with MR-97 and fused a piece of blue sapphire, iridized glass and another sheet of aqua, transparent, coe 96 glass on top. Next time I will be more careful in making sure the pieces do not cover the whole edges of the four coasters, because I almost locked them in the glass during the fusing. I later discovered that using one sheet or iridized and one sheet of transparent was much more economical.

    In the end, I had a great storytellers plate of the Polynesians travels to the Hawaiian Isles. It was a great souvenier, and one that can be remade for others to enjoy. Attached are a few pictures of the plate and the two tiles made by my husband. I look forward to using the tiles with the glass in the future. I am not positve what the grey clay was, but I believe it was earthenware. It was a blast to work with, and a treat to finally make something on a wheel!

Sincerely, Michelle