Handcut Shapes with Screen Melt Glass

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     I'm always looking for ways to use my scrap and I tried the round screen melt set on Delphi. http://www.delphiglass.com/glass-molds/drop-rings-pot-melts/12-round-screen-melt-set  I had mixed feelings about it, because I made the mistake of not following the fusing schedule, and tried to wing it with pre-programmed kiln. I could go on and on about that, but it certainly wouldn't be fair. Despite the error of my ways, I ended of with a very pretty glass by using two colors of opal art glass scraps. After, I used a Sharpie pen to trace out my images, and began cutting them with my Taurus 3 glass saw. Once I finished the shapes, I put the pendants and purse hangars back in my skutt Firebox 14 kiln, for a fire polish on the slow tack fuse. Some got bails, some wire wrapping, and the others were epoxied to the the purse hangers now on BOGO sale (as of 3/13/12). Looking back, If you follow the Delphi directions now attached as the "users manual" in the product description on the screen melt kit, I can imagine the wonderful bowls and pieces that could be created.

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Art Glass Festival 2012 entry
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