Tavasz (“Spring”)

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When cleaning out my mother’s home we found a stash of “family” embroidery patterns drawn my grandmothers/grandaunts.  The patterns are all hand drawn of traditional Hungarian flower embroidery.  This panel is 13 7/8” x 25 1/4” (excluding the hooks).   It is made with over 150 individually cut, polished, wrapped, and soldered glass pieces: the smallest of which is smaller than a pea.  I used many different colors and textures of glass to bring this piece to life.  In the middle the flowers are intertwined as they grow from bud to blossom.  A tendril of wire sits on top of the glass to add to the unique features of the piece. The scalloped edge is reminiscent of the scalloped edging on many a family table cloth.  The outer boarder is a deep royal purple with an opaque white outside edge.   The total weight is ~4 lb 10 oz.   This piece took approximately 60 hours to build.  While I display the piece horizontally, it works equally well vertically.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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