Big Blue Vase

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This 24" x 24" glass collage is built on a DaVinci Acqua Board.  An acrylic paint underpainting was done for the bottom half of the composition and an alcohol ink underpainting was done for the top.  The big blue vase is all clear fused glass with holes left throughout and painted on the back with alcohol ink.  The flowers are fused and cut glass with dichroic highlights.  Copper washers were used to accentuate the flowers and the flowers cores themselves were amber fused glass slumped through ceramic molds I fired in my Paragon Janus 27 kiln.  These little molds had holes in the middle allowing a tiny bit of glass to protrude, sort of like a tiny drop ring.  The glue used was Weldbond.  After a week allowing for full drying, two coats of Envirotex epoxy resin was applied.  D-rings with 50 pound test wire were used for hanging.  This glass collage work is halfway between mosaic and "other."

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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