Bevelled giraffe on the savannah

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This is using the smaller giraffe bevel cluster #GST146C, which comes with the oval savannah pattern shown on Delphi's item page.  I've made some line changes here & there, adding a bit of foliage, plus an elephant (with painted-on eyes, and unfortunately hard-to-see glued-on tusks) bathing in a waterhole in the background.  The birds are made up of iridized black scraps from a previous project, and are simply glued onto the sky glass.

This panel, at 35" tall x 15 1/2" wide, is slightly larger than the included pattern's oval frame, which I thought seemed a little "tight" around the giraffe.  I therefore blew the frame out slightly, and changed the shape from oval to an elongated octagon to better suit my taste.

Art Glass Festival 2024 entry