Folk Art Pyramid

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Mary Scattergood is a Canadian primitive artist who very graciously gave me her blessing to recreate one of her charming paintings in stained glass.  Due to the subject matter, I think this is the most fun I've ever had creating with glass!  Many of the elements were kiln-formed.  The sheep's white body is composed of kiln-fired nuggets and glass frit, resulting in a solid, but delicate, slab that was easily glued to the substrate.  This method allowed me to compose the body to my satisfaction, and not have to deal with plucking out the nuggets one by one to glue them down, disturbing the surrounding pieces, etc., and then having to grout the resulting large voids (super messy and not the more subtle/natural look I wanted to achieve).  The oval deciduous trees were formed on leaf molds, and the building details and apples were painted on with Glassline enamels.  The 3 evergreens were made using the freeze & fuse method (my 1st attempt ever). The rooster's tail feathers are made with irid glass that was fired face down on the kiln shelf, producing brilliant colors that are somewhat comparable to dichroic glass, at a fraction of the cost.  The pumpkins & cowbird are purchased murrines.

This was my first attempt at using colored grout.  I made mistakes along the way, but fortunately was able to fix them before it was too late.

Art Glass Festival 2024 entry