Sunflowers hi-lo bowl

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Three Creative Paradise molds were used to create this fused bowl, and they have a project sheet outlining the process.  The sunflowers were cast using powder & fine frit (required 2 kiln sessions as the casting mold makes 2 flowers at a time).  The leaves were fired on a veiny texture mold with lovely results, although the additional firings required to finish the bowl resulted in the veins pretty much disappearing.  Next, assembling & fusing the final composition; I added vitrigraph stringers and a millefiori ladybug.  The 5th firing slumps it into the hi-lo mold.

Note of caution:  If you make this particular project, or any project using the hi-lo slumper where the pre-slumped disc is thicker/heavier on one side such as this one is, take care in the placement of it on the slumping mold.  I initially slumped it with the flowers on the high side (opposite the flat part in the mold intended to be the base that the bowl sits on), thinking it would show the flowers better.  However, after slumping, that flower-laden high side was so heavy that the bowl could not sit on the flat part, instead kind of rolling unsteadily on the rounded back on the table. So I threw it back in for an additional slumping (so a total of 6 firings for this bowl), with the flowers oriented more towards the flat part, and now it sits perfectly.

Incidentally, the weird fold next to the leaf was not planned at all.  Initially, I thought it was just one of those uncontrollable freak kiln happenings, but after some thought, it's likely related to the weight of the flower side pushing down during the slumping process, serendipitously resulting in this organic looking fold right at the edge of the leaf.  Cool.  Love it.

Art Glass Festival 2024 entry