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Covington 16" Automatic Vibrating Lap

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  • Coldworking is even easier - polishes and abrades with minimal assistance
  • Grooved plate surface keeps abrasive grit even for best results
  • Includes a pad insert for polishing your finished project
  • Features a removable pan for easy cleaning

Product Description

Coldworking your glass art is easier than ever with the Covington Automatic Vibrating Lap. Simply add a slurry of abrasive grit to the 16" pan, position your project, turn it on and walk away. The vibrating surface grinds and polishes your project to a smooth finish - hands-free! The heavy powder-coat metal base will keep your Vibrating Lap from drifting on your workbench. Rubber-buffered posts support the motor, allowing smooth operation and minimal transfer of vibration. The 16" Cast aluminum pan features a grooved bottom surface to help keep slurry evenly distributed during use, and releases easily from the tool base to make cleanup a snap. The powerful, quiet motor will last for years of steady use. 

Included in this set is the Vibrating Lap base with installed motor, 16" cast aluminum pan, polishing pad, bumper ring, instructions and product guarantee.

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