1" Quick-Fit Bit 200 Series Holder And Diamond Sleeve

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Product Features

  • Designed to be quick and easy to change!
  • Includes reusable holder
  • Prevents chipping

Product Description

The Quick-Fit Bit system 200 series is unlike any other bit in stained glass! It is designed to be quick to change without the use of a hex wrench or other tools like conventional grinder bits. With a flip action of the holder's lever, you can change your bit, or the grit of the bit, in seconds! There's no need to find and use keys or locking tools - no grinder freeze-ups!

Includes full Quick-Fit Bit system - rugged plastic holder and diamond bit sleeve. 200 Series Bits fit THE GRINDER, Glastar G-8, Diamond Tech, Burk and other European style grinders.

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